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Reinforcing Mesh

Square rib mesh is mainly used for reinforcing flat concrete elements such as concrete footpaths..


Welded Mesh

Plain welded mesh is a range of mesh products which is ideal for versatile applications including stockyard...


Welded Gabion

Once on site, the gabion panels are assembled by hinging the front, back, and internal diaphragms to base panel...


Truss Mesh

wires Truss Mesh has four main wires to reinforce block-and-brick or block-and-block composite walls....



We manufacture and supply concrete reinforcing mesh to the building and construction industry. Established in 1994, we are recognized as the qualified steel prefabric manufacturer in the concrete reinforcement market with our professional and superior service. Reinforcing mesh can lead to simplified design drawings, which are cheaper to produce, simpler to check and less likely to be misinterpreted on site. It also results in a more uniform work load for fixing crews and less congestion at the work face, allowing better access and shorter fixing time.

Our core products are square rib mesh, rectangular rib mesh, trench mesh, slab mesh, truss mesh, lattice girder, pipeline reinforcing mesh, galvanized mesh sheet. You have the freedom to nominate the bar size and the spacing to suit your specific design requirement.

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