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Quality Control

To provide the all best to you - our customers - is always a top-critical motivation to all staff in our company. Therefore, quality control becomes the first priority to be taken into consideration and action. With good experience in producing reinforcing mesh, every step of processing is under strictly inspection.


Inspection Item



Machines Inspection

Make sure all the machines are in good condition before production.


Wire Condition Inspection

Check the wire diameter with microcalliper, make sure the wire diameter is within the tolerance, the zinc is evenly coated on the wire surface, and there are no visible nicks or cuts.


Straightened & Cut Wire Inspection

Surface condition check every 500 pieces, discard the defect ones.


Trail Production Inspection

Adjust the welding machine mesh sheet tractor device, the electricity current, welding pressure, warp wire & weft wire spacing, then produce 3 to 5 sheets to check the sheet size, flatness, diagonal tolerance, welding strength. If the sheets are not good, readjust the related parameters. If ok, then start bulk production.


Bulk Production Inspection

Check the first 5 sheets, and then check them every 50 sheets. And 1 worker will randomly check the mesh sheets condition during welding, to achieve the consistent quality control.


Final Inspection

Sheet size, wire spacing, diagonal, welding strength, overhang size inspection


Packing Inspection

With everything is in order, pack the mesh sheets waiting for shipment.