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Truss Mesh

Truss mesh is also known as brick force mesh which is designed for structural reinforced masonry applications. It consists of parallel main wires joined by welded cross wires.

Truss mesh has long proven to be necessary for superior performance of masonry wall construction. Being embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls, it can greatly reduce wall cracking caused by thermal stresses, improve the resistance to water penetration.
Truss is available with different main wire nos (2 wires, 3 wires and 4 wires) for specific structural loading situations, widths to suit different block or brick leaf construction.

Standard truss mesh main wire and cross wire diameter are 9 gage.
Heavy duty truss mesh main wire diameter is 3/16" and cross wire diameter is 9 gage.
Super heavy duty truss mesh main wire and cross wire diameter are 3/16".

2 wires Truss Mesh has two main wires for single wythe walls.

3 wires Truss Mesh has three main wires to reinforce block and brick composite walls.

4 wires Truss Mesh has four main wires to reinforce block-and-brick or block-and-block composite walls.

Truss Mesh Weight
Ref No. Block Width Mesh Width Length Hot dip Galvanized Electro Galvanized
TM2 4" 2" 120" 0.81kg/pc 0.79kg/pc
TM4 6" 4" 120" 0.83kg/pc 0.81kg/pc
TM6 8" 6" 120" 0.87kg/pc 0.85kg/pc
TM8 10" 8" 120" 0.91kg/pc 0.89kg/pc
TM10 12" 10" 120" 0.95kg/pc 0.94kg/pc